The Spero Financial Story

From Spreading Our Wings to Soaring High

Our Beginnings

A spirit of cooperation. A vision of our community.

While our story began in 1935, our roots go back to 1844, when the first financial cooperative was formed for one simple purpose: people pooling their money together to make loans to each other. This cooperative spirit is what empowered our humble beginnings as Greenville Telco Federal Credit Union some 85 years ago. William Wirt Stover, alongside 18 other Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Company members, conducted trades to fellow telecommunication workers from the trunk of his car.

In 1977, we became known as SC Telco Federal Credit Union, influencing the next era of enhanced financial products and services to our members across the state. No longer did we provide just savings and loans but an expanded portfolio of financial offerings for every stage of life. With continued asset growth throughout South Carolina’s Upstate and Midlands, we became one of the largest credit unions in the Palmetto State — a distinction we still hold today.

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Core Values

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Principles from our past. A foundation for
our future.

Our Core Values act as our unchanging horizon as we continue to grow and serve as a uniting force in every interaction we have — both internally and externally.

the spirit of a warrior

The Spirit of a Warrior

Integrity, honor, respect, pride, and unwavering resolve

the heart of a servant

The Heart of a Servant

Compassion, humility, empathy, and selflessness

the mind of a champion

The Mind of a Champion

Passionate, coachable, dedicated, accountable, and empowered

Our Future

Becoming Spero Financial

While our name has changed, formerly SC Telco Federal Credit Union, our mission to improve the financial lives of our members has never wavered. Our credit union has spent more than 85 years focusing on one simple goal: to provide trustworthy financial solutions that empower everyday people to take ownership of their future.

a unified hope for the future

A Unified Hope for Today

Along the way, we’ve discovered that lasting success is anchored by hopeful confidence and determined unity — a hope that today will be better and a belief that we can do more together. Hope and unity are more than just words; they are the core identity traits that Spero Financial weaves into everything we do.

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Our Name

Reflecting Our Palmetto State Pride

Since our credit union began in South Carolina, it’s only fitting that our name should have its origin in one of our home state’s most recognizable symbols — the Great Seal of South Carolina. There, in one of the seal’s oval banners, we see the Latin phrase Dum Spiro Spero, meaning “While I breathe, I hope.” The concise optimism of this simple phrase captures the hopeful confidence we seek to instill in our members.

Becoming Spero Financial FAQs

We are now Spero Financial, formerly SC Telco Federal Credit Union. To select our new name, we begin the process by conducting a market survey to determine how our name was perceived in the marketplace. Based on these findings, we worked with a national branding agency to determine our brand pillars – the characteristics that the new name should encompass. These included: Our Unchanging Mission and Core Values, History and Stability, Growth and Forward Thinking, and Community Impact. The name Spero Financial was selected as it perfectly aligns with these characteristics. Spero, a word derived from the Great Seal of South Carolina, means ‘hope’ reflecting our mission and core values. Pronounced ‘sparrow’, the name is a physical representation of the unique characteristics of the bird, which finds power in cooperation and strength in community. The bird is agile, adaptable, and a productive planner – qualities that reflect our commitment to providing innovative and dynamic financial solutions to our members.
Technically, it is! Our legal name is Spero Financial Federal Credit Union, but for ease, we will shorten it to Spero Financial for public usage. You will continue to see “credit union” used throughout our marketing materials, communications, and website. Being a credit union is at the core of our identity – it’s who we’ve been, who we are, and who we will continue to be!
SC Telco Federal Credit Union officially became Spero Financial on November 9, 2020. While many updates have already taken place, the full transition to the new name will take some time. Branch signage, online/mobile banking, credit and debit cards, and some communications will take a bit longer to transition - as long as a year.
No, your accounts, funds, and digital banking access are not affected. Routing, checking, member, and account numbers remain the same.
Yes! You can continue to use your SC Telco checks, deposit slips, and debit/credit card as you do today. New Spero Financial checks will be issued when checks are ordered after November 9, 2020. New Spero Financial debit/credit cards will be issued on or before your SC Telco card(s) expiration date.

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Reaching New Heights Together

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, Spero Financial relies on the extraordinary power of collaboration. From members to volunteers to staff and leadership, we are all resilient individuals who find strength, security, and success by working together for the good of our collective community. We are agile, using an innovative spirit to help us soar higher and navigate necessary change. As the national economy drifts from prosperous highs to frightening lows and back again, we've held steady - today having over 58,000 members and $549 million in assets.

  • 58,000Members
  • $549MIn Assets

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