Behind-the-Scenes: The Real Member Story that Inspired Our New Commercial

by Spero Financial


Real People, Real Stories. By now, you might have seen this tag on our social media posts, scattered throughout our website, or maybe even on a billboard around town! Real People, Real Stories. It is a seemingly perfect campaign title as it rolls right off the tongue and has the catchy repetition that we all love. While it is a tag and it is a title, “Real People, Real Stories” is not simply four words strung together to form a catchy phrase.

Real People, Real Stories. It is who we are and what we are made of.

The story of Spero Financial is made up of the stories of our members. So, we figured, why not hear more of these stories? With this in mind, we hosted a photoshoot that captured our members in their authentic selves and listened to the stories that make us who we are. We laughed, we learned, but, most importantly, we listened. Throughout the day we got the opportunity to sit down with 19 members, all who represent a part of the Spero story.

The very first story we heard was that of the Blanton Family. The Blantons have been members of Spero Financial since 1980. They shared stories that spanned the years they have spent with the Credit Union and detailed the impact that Spero has had on their lives throughout those years. As they shared lighthearted stories about donut deliveries and call center conversations, they mentioned a story that stuck with us!

While the Blantons have benefitted from checking accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, and auto loans, they detailed an experience that kickstarted their daughter’s career in healthcare. As their daughter looked forward to college, she applied and was a selected recipient of Spero’s Louis C. Addison College Scholarship. The Blantons shared how this opportunity helped their daughter receive her degree in nursing, which she is now using to practice medicine!

As we listened to the Blantons share their story, we couldn’t help but envision this story in the lives of so many young people today. With a commercial already on the roadmap, we decided this was the story to tell!

Our commercial, inspired by this member story, features the progression of a young girl dreaming of becoming a nurse - doing what every little does, practicing on her stuffed animal! Even amongst the curve-balls life tends to throw, we see her parents saving year after year to make her dream come true. Years later, we see their hard work pay off, as their now young-adult daughter receives her college acceptance letter to become a nurse. All awhile, Spero had the privilege to help them navigate their financial journey - encouraging them each step of the way, and of course, celebrating with them when the goal was achieved!

So, when we say we are featuring “Real People” and “Real Stories”, we mean just that. These are our real members and their authentic stories. Stories of financial freedom. Stories of life transformation. Stories of soaring, not only financially, but in all walks of life!

We would love to join you on your financial journey! Get started at or visit a Spero branch today to see how we can walk alongside you.

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