Team Spotlight: Member Solutions Center

by Spero Financial


Improving the financial lives of our members. It’s not just something we say but something we do! Our Member Solutions Center lives out this mission day in and day out through their work serving our members. Through each conversation, the members of our Member Solutions Center aim to do just what their name implies— work towards a solution for any road bump or question our members may bring.

In other words, every solution— from the small fixes to the big hurdles— is inspired by YOU! Continue reading to learn a little more about how our members drive our Member Solutions Center and how creating solutions truly is the heart beat of not only their mission, but the mission of our entire organization.

Our Member Solutions Center is made up of representatives who aim to serve the diverse needs of our members. Their passion to not only offer answers to questions but turn any service disruption into a positive interaction shines through in each phone call, message, and interaction with our members. The interactions the Member Solutions Center has each day aren’t simply transactional exchanges but connection opportunities during tough moments or times when help is needed.

While the Member Solutions Center Team is ready and equipped to help our members find solutions to anything causing them to contact us, they’re also eager to do so while putting a smile on the face of our members. Spero’s Lead Member Solutions Representative, Jo, said that her favorite part of being a part of the Member Solutions Center is “being able to ‘hear’ the smile on a member’s face”!

Whether a member is calling in frustrated, concerned, or uncertain, our representatives are able to meet them with kindness, care, and comfort— making all the difference in any problem or situation our members may face within their financial journey. With the “Golden Rule” in mind, our Member Solutions Center agents can not only offer knowledge and information but understanding and compassion during their interactions with members.

Member Solutions Center Representative, Emily, said, “Through personal experience I know when you call for help you want the person on the other end to be understanding and knowledgeable but also caring.”

While the goal of assisting members and creating solutions remains, so does the goal of making sure they feel cared for and have a positive experience each time they call in.

From the small fixes to the big hurdles, our Member Solutions Center works to find a solution! While some members just need quick information or have simple questions, others may benefit from deeper help— maybe without realizing it.

Member Solutions Center agent, Jessica, described an interaction with a member who called in to address some late fees. While a simple approach could have resolved the immediate issue, Jessica said, “the proactive approach of helping the member establish automatic payments fostered long-term trust.”

Whether you have a simple question, have a big hurdle to jump over, or simply want guidance within your financial life, Spero is here to work towards a solution for you. Afterall, every solution is inspired by YOU!

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