Leadership Highlight: Bethani Williams

by Spero Financial


Meet Bethani! Bethani is the Vice President of Marketing with Spero. In her role, Bethani wears many hats – overseeing everything from community engagement down to the nitty gritty website numbers. But, even beyond these hats, Bethani wears many more including wife and mom, the roles she is most thankful for! Bethani’s deep devotion to faith and family shines through in all she does and drives her in her purpose in the organization. Continue reading to learn a little more about Bethani and her career journey, you never know what you might take away! 


Bethani began as a Marketing Coordinator at a regional bank. In this role, her responsibilities revolved around providing support to the mortgage line of business. During her time there, her responsibilities expanded to offer support to several other lines of business where she was exposed to a variety of areas within the organization. In this role, Bethani says her love for marketing and strategy was born as she had a wonderful manager that passed down so much great knowledge!  

Bethani’s next role was with a larger financial institution— here, she was part of a 200-person marketing team! This role was more focused, which meant Bethani was responsible for the branch merchandising aspect of marketing. While here, the institution experienced an acquisition that required relocation. It was in the middle of this, that Bethani and her husband decided to reprioritize and come back home to Greenville, South Carolina!

Bethani’s husband told her about a job opportunity with Spero (then SC Telco) and she says, “the rest is history!” Bethani joined Team Spero in 2019, and within the last 4 years, Bethani has had the opportunity to be a part of so many things— from a merger to re-naming and re-branding. She says her role with the credit union requires many things, including ownership, resourcefulness, creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving. For Bethani, each day is a new adventure that she gets to tackle with a great team of people who have become family in many ways.

When reflecting on her career, Bethani shared a quote that she believes has held true over the course of her journey. For Bethani, each role she has held has been a gift that equipped her for the next. Each role she has held has given her insight and has challenged her, which not only prepared her for the next career move but also prepared her for the role she holds today!


“My faith is at the core of who I am. In Philippians 2, Paul shares, “Do not be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, loving others as better than yourselves.” I think this is the best advice! The reality is we all have a story, and each one includes a team of people encouraging us, mentoring us, leading us, and so on. Our story is never written by ourselves, but instead, in tandem with the many others that have helped us along the way. I try to always keep this top-of-mind; it’s humbling to say the least, while also being such a reminder of the power of serving others.”


Contentment is a good thing! While our culture gives contentment a bad rap, Bethani shared that she believes that contentment is a good thing. While many stand by the notion that being content means you aren’t growing, Bethani says it is the opposite for her! While ambition was her driver early in her career, Bethani shared, “Ambition is not bad; however, when not balanced, it can often shift your focus to constantly looking for the next best thing rather than savoring the ‘here and now’.”

Bethani shared, “I’ve found that contentment allows me to nestle my roots deeper into the present, to be creative in finding new ways to do the old things, to celebrate the parts I love about my job, to be intentional in interacting with the people around me, to rest in the blessing that I’ve been given throughout my career, and to share that blessing with others.” 

She said she’s no longer chasing a career, instead, she is living it! 

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